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Interview with Ketan Chawla

Ketan Chawla is a 22 year-old Financial Analyst who has been working at ZweigWhite in the Fayetteville office for nearly one year. 

In his time, Ketan has seen a lot of change.  “I’ve seen change in the actual office space, the leadership, the addition of new staff, and even changes in overall business strategy.  I’ve seen a total revival of the company,” he says. 

Ketan works with Tracey Jeffers in the financial advisory division. They help A/E and environmental firms with ownership transition and business valuation.  But Ketan’s job is more than that.  When asked what he likes most about his job he said, “I get a lot more exposure and experience here than I might at another firm.  I’m not directly tied to my job description, and if I want to interact with people in a different area, it’s easy.”  He says he likes working at a smaller company and being able to do a wide variety of tasks.  Additionally, he says, “I get to do a lot of different stuff with Tracey in the financial group, something a first year guy wouldn’t get to do at a larger firm.”   

When asked about the firm’s culture, he responds that it’s a “cool culture…you can wear whatever you want to work, there’s cool people, and you don’t just have to sit at your desk all day.  It’s a streamlined and straightforward.  If I want to talk to Mark Zweig (ZweigWhite CEO), I can just walk downstairs and talk to him.  I don’t have to go through some process or write him an email and wait for a reply.”

For the future of ZweigWhite, Ketan says he is looking forward to many more new opportunities to do what he does.  He optimistically says, “I think we’ll get on the Inc 500 again.”

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