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Zweig Aims to Redefine Renovations

Mark Zweig doesn’t mind working with guts. Indeed, he prefers it.

Zweig, a Fayetteville businessman perhaps best known as the founder of the firm that bears his name, has drawn attention lately for his work in renovating rundown homes in historic areas of the city. In 2010 alone, for example, Zweig turned $834,500 worth of purchases into more than $3 million in upscale residential sales.

Zweig is quick to balance the eye-popping sales figures with the fact he sinks significant amounts of money into his projects. Most of them involve stripping a property to its original core, then producing a final product that mixes period history with modern luxuries.

“When people say, ‘Oh, you flip houses,’ that really makes me bristle because it’s hardly a flip,” Zweig said. “It’s starting with a pile of crap and completely reconfiguring it. It’s a big job.

“For every cosmetic overhaul we do, we do probably five gut-to-the-studs houses. It’s just the best way to do one.”

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