Search Savvy: Don’t pigeon-hole searches

Consider the unexpected in your next candidate search and you’ll be that much closer to winning the war for talent.  Dwight Eisenhower made a statement once that bears repeating. He said: “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” He meant that a plan should be pliable; it should be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances. However, [...]

Editorial: Create some excitement!

Eight suggestions from Mark Zweig to motivate staff, from office decor to proposal-making. I can’t stand it when my seven-year-old tells us how bored she is. Drives me absolutely insane! But I’m afraid that boredom is a big problem in the A/E/P and environmental business today. Many companies have boring marketing materials. Their websites are [...]

Dare to be bold and thrive

Smart investments and ability to effectively manage debt are key to success at these firms. By Christina Zweig What are fast-growth firms doing differently than their competitors in the A/E/P and environmental consulting industry? We asked some firm leaders if the recession made firms in the design industry more risk-averse, and if a reluctance to [...]

Editorial: Low on vitamin Y?

There may be something missing in your firm after the recession, Mark Zweig writes. The recession of the last six- to 8 years has been hard on the A/E/P and environmental consulting business. Many companies – particularly those that are more building design oriented – shrunk their staffs considerably during the downturn. And those that [...]

PM Perspectives: Nickels and dimes

Costs add up, sometimes alarmingly, so be sure to discuss reimbursements. Everyone says they don’t want to nickel and dime their client and yet getting paid for doing work and providing service is the reality of how your business runs. This idiom exists for a reason in this industry. It relates to the expenses, the [...]

Editorial: Client management tips

Mark Zweig offers 13 lucky suggestions on how to be closer to your clients. How you manage your clients is a big part of success in the A/E or environmental consulting business. And these skills and tactics are something that can be learned (as long as there’s someone there who can teach it). Here are [...]