PM Perspectives: Nickels and dimes

Costs add up, sometimes alarmingly, so be sure to discuss reimbursements. Everyone says they don’t want to nickel and dime their client and yet getting paid for doing work and providing service is the reality of how your business runs. This idiom exists for a reason in this industry. It relates to the expenses, the [...]

Editorial: Client management tips

Mark Zweig offers 13 lucky suggestions on how to be closer to your clients. How you manage your clients is a big part of success in the A/E or environmental consulting business. And these skills and tactics are something that can be learned (as long as there’s someone there who can teach it). Here are [...]

Search Savvy: Applicant tracking systems

It needs to be relevant, user-friendly and affordable but is well-worth the investment. Recruiting is not so simple an enterprise anymore. Like it or not, recruiting has become increasingly sophisticated over the years – in part just to keep up with evolving technologies and compliance demands associated with employment law. Because that’s true, most firms [...]

Editorial: Thoughts on compensation

Some common policies display no common-sense. Mark Zweig exposes four problems and offers solutions. It’s interesting to me how so many A/E firms seem to just follow the same unwritten rules about how to pay their people – year after year – no matter what’s happening in the outside world. It’s pretty wacky, actually, that [...]

Editorial: Clean sheet marketing

Mark Zweig lists five questions you need to ask before tackling your next opportunity. Attention all readers in the A/E/P business – you have got to make some BIG changes to the way you’re marketing and selling! It’s time for “clean sheet marketing!” By “clean sheet marketing” I’m talking about looking at every single project [...]

Editorial: Be more effective now

The year is half over, so here’s eight things you can do now to improve performance, Mark Zweig writes. Time’s a-wastin’. The year is now approaching halfway (time flies, doesn’t it?). You cannot keep rationalizing away poor performance and plan to make it up later in the year. At some point, there isn’t enough “year” [...]

From the Chairman: Aspire/inspire

These are the two core words that define how and what people lead. I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking and learning about leadership. Endless books have been written about leadership and I’ve pursued them with a keen interest. I can spend all day talking about leadership – in fact I did exactly that [...]