Search Savvy: Jobs postings are ads

And since they are, follow these eight tips to improve their effectiveness. What is a job posting? C’mon, think about it. It’s simply an advertisement. Aren’t you advertising an opening that you want to fill? And like any advertisement, you must catch the eye of the consumer. Peak their interest. Instill a call to action. [...]

From the Chairman: Building your brand

Recruiting may not be immediately seen as a great branding tool, but it is. I’ll bet you never imagined your recruiting process could be an important brand-building tool for your firm. How can that be? Here’s how I see it: If you’re recruiting opportunistically (i.e., I need to hire someone to fulfill a role… right [...]

Editorial: Titles

Five thoughts from Mark Zweig about titles and how they are often dished out without much consideration. Title proliferation in the A/E/P business is alive and well. While intentions may be good – to keep people happy, grant “promotions,” etc. – the more titles you have, the unhappier people will be with whatever their title [...]

Brand Building: The common isolation of marketing

Make your company stronger by involving marketing folks in the sales process. I recently attended a SMPS “Spring Training” one day seminar in Oklahoma. The first speaker, Carolyn Ferguson, asked several probing questions about developing interviews. She asked how many of the attendees had ever been to an interview. Affirmative answers were absurdly low, especially [...]

Editorial: Helping your people succeed?

Coach your staff on the small things that make all the difference and follow these four tips from Mark Zweig. So much of one’s success in the architecture, engineering, planning or environmental business has nothing to do with one’s technical, design, or computer skills. Don’t get me wrong – before you fire off an angry [...]

Editorial: Infighting

Mark Zweig offers six pointers that will help resolve conflict inside the company. Professional services firms such as architecture and engineering companies are owned and run by smart people. I’ve said it before – as someone who got his terminal psychology degree vicariously through his ex-wife – that the average IQ of principals and top [...]

Editorial: No marketing: Doubtful future

Are you investing in consistent, brand-building marketing activities, Mark Zweig asks. Let’s face it. Living too well can be a problem. I’m talking about eating your seed corn, spending too much, and not reinvesting in your future. “Overharvesting” is like a drug. It’s hard to wean off the excess profitability. Everyone in the company (substitute [...]

Editorial: Personal liberation

Feel trapped at work? Four suggestions from Mark Zweig to help you have a saner lifestyle. It’s interesting – and frustrating as well – to see how many A/E/P and environmental firm owners and managers feel trapped by the firms they work in. It’s easy to understand how this can happen to any of us. [...]

Editorial: Architecture: what future?

It doesn’t look good right now, but in a changing world, architects will always be needed. There’s a lot of discussion about the future of architecture. It’s happening in the media, it’s occurring in the halls of architecture schools, and it’s taking place in architectural firms around the nation and the world. It’s my turn [...]

Editorial: How do you come across?

Habits that will make people not like you – yes, it includes always checking your phone. It’s been said before that for people to want to do business with you, they have to know you, like you, and trust you. That’s really important to keep in mind when you are a professional architect, engineer, planner, [...]

Search Savvy: Hire a sourcer

Need help identifying targets for potential recruiting? The answer is in the headline. Sometimes in the recruiting world, you’ll hear the term “sourcing.” It sounds like something you would hear in the buying/procurement business, right? But when a recruiter talks about “sourcing” they’re referring to that part of the recruiting organization/process that is tasked with [...]