Brand Building: Do you really have a marketing department?

Distinguishing between marketing and sales offers a true perspective of investment. We have a problem in this industry. Many of us have a simple-minded perspective of “marketing.” For many firms, the marketing department is a group of people who spend most of their time responding to proposals and presentations. If that describes you, I have [...]

Editorial: I love this business!

An ode to the A/E profession, from Mark Zweig. Being in the construction and development business through Mark Zweig, Inc., and getting exposure to many other businesses and industries as a professor teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Arkansas, I have gained a whole new appreciation for the A/E and environmental consulting business. I love [...]

Editorial: Keys to success in 2015

Build a better, more sustainable company with these suggestions from Mark Zweig. 2015 is shaping up to be a FANTASTIC year for firms in this business. It’s really fun to see how many firms are doing exceedingly well in terms of growth, profits, and backlog, and to observe the renewed optimism and sense of possibility [...]

Brand Building: Build a competitive marketing department

Using industry benchmarks can help invest with confidence. Have asked yourself how many marketing staff members your firm should really have? Firm leaders often ask us this because they are constantly hearing how they should be investing more in marketing. Say the words “marketing investment” and many things can come to mind: Marketing staff, computers, [...]

From the Chairman: Offer program management services?

Design firms may have a niche to fill in this area. After all, you can do it better than a dispassionate program manager. Architects and engineers have long complained about their relationships with program managers. “They challenge us on our fees. They don’t understand the value we provide. As owners’ representatives, they don’t do very [...]