Editorial: The relentless pursuit of…?

Find out what you should be really pursuing and go for it. Mark Zweig predicts success. Some years ago, Toyota’s Lexus brand promoted itself through the slogan, “Lexus: The relentless pursuit of perfection.” That decision catapulted the already upmarket brand to the stratosphere with its association to quality, luxury, and performance. Anyone who has owned [...]

ZweigWhite Unveils New Corporate Name and Logo

Modernizing corporate identity part of plan for growth FAYETTEVILLE—October 1, 2014—ZweigWhite has introduced a new corporate name and logo which reinforces its commitment to growth through an investment in new products and services as well as delivery methods. The company has changed its name to the Zweig Group and developed a new logo that reflects [...]

Search Savvy: Defining culture

Is personality a window to culture when interviewing candidates? It’s amazing how often the word “culture” is used in the recruiting process. More often than not, a candidate’s fit with, or should I say into, the culture of the hiring organization is ranked right up there with desired experience when discussing the optimal person for [...]

From the Chairman: Expanding your business

If vertical or horizontal expansion (or both) is in the cards for you, approach with caution. Business has been good lately in the A/E professions. Opportunities abound, yet many firms struggle with the question of if, where and how to grow their business. Expansion is tough, complicated and expensive, and the landscape is littered with [...]

Search Savvy: Jobs postings are ads

And since they are, follow these eight tips to improve their effectiveness. What is a job posting? C’mon, think about it. It’s simply an advertisement. Aren’t you advertising an opening that you want to fill? And like any advertisement, you must catch the eye of the consumer. Peak their interest. Instill a call to action. [...]

From the Chairman: Building your brand

Recruiting may not be immediately seen as a great branding tool, but it is. I’ll bet you never imagined your recruiting process could be an important brand-building tool for your firm. How can that be? Here’s how I see it: If you’re recruiting opportunistically (i.e., I need to hire someone to fulfill a role… right [...]