Brand Building: Build a competitive marketing department

Using industry benchmarks can help invest with confidence. Have asked yourself how many marketing staff members your firm should really have? Firm leaders often ask us this because they are constantly hearing how they should be investing more in marketing. Say the words “marketing investment” and many things can come to mind: Marketing staff, computers, [...]

From the Chairman: Offer program management services?

Design firms may have a niche to fill in this area. After all, you can do it better than a dispassionate program manager. Architects and engineers have long complained about their relationships with program managers. “They challenge us on our fees. They don’t understand the value we provide. As owners’ representatives, they don’t do very [...]

Editorial: The relentless pursuit of…?

Find out what you should be really pursuing and go for it. Mark Zweig predicts success. Some years ago, Toyota’s Lexus brand promoted itself through the slogan, “Lexus: The relentless pursuit of perfection.” That decision catapulted the already upmarket brand to the stratosphere with its association to quality, luxury, and performance. Anyone who has owned [...]

ZweigWhite Unveils New Corporate Name and Logo

Modernizing corporate identity part of plan for growth FAYETTEVILLE—October 1, 2014—ZweigWhite has introduced a new corporate name and logo which reinforces its commitment to growth through an investment in new products and services as well as delivery methods. The company has changed its name to the Zweig Group and developed a new logo that reflects [...]

Search Savvy: Defining culture

Is personality a window to culture when interviewing candidates? It’s amazing how often the word “culture” is used in the recruiting process. More often than not, a candidate’s fit with, or should I say into, the culture of the hiring organization is ranked right up there with desired experience when discussing the optimal person for [...]