Spotlight on Strategy – Brand Building: ‘It’s ours to lose’

Over-confidence going into a proposal or interview can create a self-fulfilling prophecy; front-runners must be sure to wow clients. We have all been there. We find out we are short-listed for that project that we feel really good about winning. We did our homework, met with the client before the RFQ was released, and have […]

The needle in the haystack

Niche positions sometimes require out-of-the-box thinking, increased diligence, and willingness to pivot in order to fill them. Finding the best and brightest people to work at your firm may require you to think outside the box and even move outside of your comfort zone. Lately, I’ve become all too familiar with the expression, “Finding that […]

The PM conundrum

Flaws in current system can be overcome through strategic adjustments. Being a project manager in the typical A/E/P or environmental firm is rarely easy. Think about it: In most firms in this business, it is a role that gets assigned to someone in addition to all of their “normal” responsibilities as an engineer, architect, department […]

Zweig Group announces Triton Stormwater Solutions as 2015 Hot Firm and A/E Industry Awards Conference Silver Sponsor

Zweig Group is proud to announce Triton Stormwater Solutions as the Silver Sponsor of the 2015 Hot Firm and A/E Industry Awards Conference held on September 3-4, 2015, at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, Mass. Triton Stormwater Solutions has answered the call for a stronger, lightweight, comprehensive underground storm water chamber management solution […]

Focusing on fundamentals

Becoming a Better Project Manager aims to provide new, aspiring PMs with a knowledge base and toolbox to be successful in design, facilities management firms. By Andrea Bennett Managing Editor On May 5, Zweig Group will present its inaugural Becoming a Better Project Manager seminar in Miami. Led by Howard Birnberg, the executive director of […]

A client-centered approach

Successful Project Management for A/E/P and Environmental Firms, 2nd edition covers projects from inception to completion and beyond. By Andrea Bennett Managing Editor On April 30, Zweig Group will release the second edition of its 2011 publication Successful Project Management for A/E/P and Environmental Consulting Firms. Revised by the original publication’s author, Ernest Burden, Assoc. AIA […]

Being the new guy (or gal)

Four items of political savviness can help ensure organizational newcomers are accepted and successful. A/E/P and environmental firms are in hiring-mode nationwide. This industry is booming, and we’re bringing on new people – some of them for mid- to upper-level jobs – at a faster rate than I have seen in years. You may be […]

Zweig Group announces Jamie Claire Kiser as new director of merger & acquisition services

Jamie Claire Kiser has been hired by Zweig Group as the new director of merger & acquisition services, a rapidly growing area of Zweig Group’s business.  She is experienced in financial analysis, evaluating transactions, and providing clear solutions to the financial needs of businesses. Prior to joining the Zweig Group, Kiser worked in commercial banking, […]

Zweig Group survey finds increase in merger & acquisition interest.

Zweig Group’s recently released 2015 Merger & Acquisition Survey of A/E/P and Environmental Consulting Firms finds that the number of firms in the industry considering M&A activity is on the rise. The survey found that the percentage of firms considering buying another firm increased slightly this year to 42%, and more than two-thirds of firms […]

From the Chairman: Keeping morale high

Glassdoor comments provide opportunity for reflection on leaders’ role in fostering positive employee attitudes. One of my clients was both frustrated and concerned about citations on his firm that he found on the glassdoor website ( Glassdoor is an open collection point for employees to comment on their employers. This is a most interesting way […]

Editorial: The real purpose of marketing

Four suggestions from Mark Zweig that will result in more work than you can handle. It’s interesting to me to see how many architects, engineers, planners and environmental consultants really don’t understand marketing. Many either see it as something that you have to do “just to keep up” with other firms orsomething that’s pretty much a […]